Mark Carmel Immigration Attorney - Client Testimonials

1. “I am so lucky to have found Mark Carmel. If it was not for him, I would have been deported. I contacted Mark after learning that I was in deportation proceedings. He answered all my questions over many months of work. Without him I would not be able to stay in America with my children” – Pedro

2. "I looked for an immigration lawyer for over a week to help me with my L-1 visa. That’s when I found Mark Carmel. We were able to get all the appropriate paperwork to him within a few weeks. He quickly completed the work, and my visa case was approved. I would highly recommend Mark Carmel to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer to help with an L-1 visa application” – Cindy

3. "I wanted to find the best immigration lawyer for my family and business. My future and business were at stake. I turned to Mark Carmel for help with an E-2 investor visa case. He assisted myself, my wife and children throughout the process. After my case was approved, I was able to freely travel outside the United States without any problem of re-entry. I recommended mark to friends and family looking for help with U.S. immigration issues because he has over 20 years of experience in immigration.” –John

4. "As an equestrian show jumper, I thought that my immigration options were limited. I contacted Mark Carmel, and after reviewing my circumstances and professional achievements in the field of show jumping, Mark Carmel informed me that I qualified for an O-1 Extraordinary ability visa. Now I can freely enter the United States when I need to, without fear that I will be turned away. I recommend Mark Carmel as an experienced immigration attorney who can solve complicated U.S. immigration matters for equestrians considering a work visa. “ – Eric

5. I want to thank Mark Carmel for all of his help in my L-1 visa case. Mark helped me after struggling with the USCIS for years while using other immigration lawyers. I wish I had known him earlier; it would have saved me a lot of valuable time and money. Mark completed my case quickly and my case was approved in a short amount of time. I am very happy with Mark Carmel and will definitely recommend him to my friends and family.” – Jack